About John

Some say I’m a bloke who loves to photograph the landscape and make fine art prints, they wouldn’t be wrong.

John with Balliang tree

I run a small home based studio in Melbourne for artists, photographers and others who have come to realise that quality artwork doesn’t come from mass produced systems.  My services include:

  • Fine art / Giclee printing
  • Art reproduction
  • Frames & stretched canvas
  • Landscape photographs
  • Workshops
  • Image preparation

My background as an engineer joins my passion for art and photography to bring artwork to life, whether that’s in a fine art print or by the sharing of skills and ideas.

Exploring life through landscape photography is my art and what I love to do. It’s a way of making some sense of the world we live in and bringing nature back into homes to be enjoyed. Prints of my work are available for sale.

For printing services, landscape photographs or any questions, please be in touch.

What’s in an artwork?


In contrast to the flash bang messages generated by media and commercialism, the meaning of an artwork is a little more elusive.

Artwork can speak to us over time, we are drawn in, engaged and inspired, and yet the experience remains beyond our words.

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